JM Solanes Biografia

José María Solanes, a painter by vocation. Self-taught with an artistic background, his beginnings in painting are focused mainly as a means of expression.

An adventurer and a pioneer, he joins the world of advertising at the start of its expansion, developing various facets which are complimentary and aimed in the same direction: graphic design, art direction, photography and directing TV commercials, all carried out while remaining faithful to his aesthetic conception.

In 1971 he founds his own production company SOLANES, which becomes a reference in the field, obtaining numerous awards; many of his images are aired in international media.

He is currently a director with a strongly consolidated professional background. Throughout his lifetime the concept of art has remained ever present, expanding and maturing, until reaching a final point of consciousness where the need for more freedom of expression in his most intimate sphere, painting, becomes imperious.

As an intuitive artist, his work expresses a content that conveys something that goes beyond the simple view from the outside, that which unconsciously, has always been a part of himself.